Customs Clearance & Documentation

PTI Neural Logistics offers you an extensive logistics service package, including the handling of all your customs formalities and Documentations requirements. Our brokers are experienced and certified to provide services that can be tailor-made to fit your unique Customs requirements and needs. 

Customs formalities include: 

  • Completing Customs declarations regarding the Import/Export and transit of goods 
  • Processing of Refunds, Amends, Drawbacks and corrections 
  • Compliance Verification 
  • FTA (Free Trade Agreement- various Countries) 
  • Eligibility /Information /Clarification 
  • Verification Audit Assistance 
  • Anti-Dumping 
  • OGD (Other Government Dept) information/requirements 
  • Forms/Documentation requirements 
  • Labelling requirements 
  • Preparation of Customs Documentation

Our well trained specialists are ready to offer customer at their request additional services of border customs clearance by providing the following documentation support. 






120648094Makasa, Bill of Entry, Certificate of Origin, Exit Documents for all UAE major parts, Gate passes and Cargo Insurance. 

PNL has agents who operate in border customs clearance offices all over the GCC and Jordan, 

UAE (Silla Border, Kalba Border, Hatta Border)
KSA (Batha Border)
Oman (Wajaja Border)
Qatar (Bu Samra Border) 
Bahrain (King Fahad Causeway Border)
Kuwait (Al Khafji Border)
Jordan (Al Omari Border)

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