Do it is thought by you is better for students to function before their university study?

MY ANSWER: YES! – One position, better to write, better to read.

PARAGRAPH 1 experience that is practical contacts, face to face skills. EG: Studies through the UK Government show graduates with work experience are two times as prone to find employment…..

Better preparation, chance to improve social skills, close the gap between academia and sector that is private helps student decide on future before committing long term, EG 1/6 students can change their higher education course while at uni….

Many individuals believe that it’s safer to learn something in a group instead of individually. Can you agree or disagree?

Paragraph 1
Agree – learning in group has advantages that are many of teamwork may be adopted
Group can utilize each person’s skill expertise

Paragraph 2
Disagree – Individualism is better
Self reliant, own the result, not determined by others
More mature way, more responsible
No laggards

Topic and Answer: Education (child)

Some people genuinely believe that children needs to do organised activities within their time that is free while believe that children ought to be absolve to do what they want to do in their leisure time. Which viewpoint can you agree with? Use reasons that are specific examples to aid your answer.

PARAGRAPH 1 -In favour of letting them choose.
-benefits letting the mind wonder, children can go to town, find themselves, do whatever they prefer and excel… etc etc
-EG Recent studies also show 12% of school students dislike physical education, therefore if sports were chosen it will be unfair to the minority.