Such information previously published in the Russian media. According to the media the Dutch side had to turn to the Ukrainian authorities to uncertificated Cemach Russia. September 3 Dutch investigators from an international group investigating the downing of a Boeing (flight MH17) confirmed that they would like to interview Cemach because it may have important information on the precipitation of machines belonging to Malaysia Airlines. “The Dutch prosecutor’s office wants to remain in the Ukraine, where we could ask him many questions” – said Brechthje van de Moosdijk, a spokeswoman for the international team of investigators and prosecutors dealing with the investigation into the downing of the Malaysian Boeing in an interview with the AP agency. In June this year, Dutch investigators reported that the charge of murder in connection with the shooting down of the Malaysian aircraft will be placed four people – three Russians and a Ukrainian; among them there is no Cemach. Their trial will start in the Netherlands in March 2020 year. Most likely, none of them appear in court, because, as he writes the Associated Press, both Russia and Ukraine prohibit the extradition of its citizens. Suspects are Igor Girkin, a former FSB colonel and former defense minister DRL; Sergei Dubiński, a former GRU officer; Oleg Pułatow, were subject to the GRU Spetsnaz soldier and Leonid Charczenko, having no Ukrainian military career behind him. Flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, 17 July 2014. Malaysian Boeing with 298 people on board was shot down by a missile system Buk region of eastern Ukraine controlled by pro-Russian separatists. According to investigators rocket launcher came from a Russian military unit in Kursk. Justin Prussia (PAP) I accept the invitation of children’s rights advocate, and I am ready for such a debate – said Bodnar. “This is an interesting idea. There’s a lot of emotion and a lot of things to explain” – he added. Invitation to debate children’s rights advocate Nicholas Pawlak sent a week ago Tuesday in connection with the ongoing discussions between the ombudsman and advocate for children’s rights, among others, on sex education classes in schools. He suggested that the debate was held after the holidays. “September is a good term. For the holiday you can prepare and reflect on the format of the debate,” – said on the air Polsat News Bodnar.Bodnar also referred to the spokesperson of children’s rights, on the administration of spanking, which published in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” and triggered a wave of comments. “Hearing the child may not even + blink eye + in such matters. like me, as ombudsman, I have to defend the absolute prohibition of torture, as well ombudsman must each absolutely together to speak out against smacking and any physical violence “- said Bodnar. #VALUE! Defense Minister took part in the ceremony of transfer of the 5th Artillery Regiment Lebus new self-propelled armatohaubic crab. On this occasion a solemn appeal was held on the square sulechowskiego regiment tactical exercises, the national anthem was played. There was also a transfer standard Squadron, which received new equipment. Błaszczak stressed that armatohaubice are the product of modern Polish arms industry and are clearly strengthen the capacity of Polish Army. “This equipment, which we praise abroad, the equipment, which includes equipment for the Polish Army” – said the head of the Defense Ministry. He added that on Monday handed over the keys to eight copies Crab. “But this is only the beginning, in the middle of this year, another battery is designed to equip the 5th Artillery Regiment, at the end of another, as we have here in the province. Lubuskie whole artillery” – said the Minister. He added that this will be the second squadron equipped with crabs; the first is already available to soldiers from the 16th Mechanized Division. Błaszczak reported that in Huta Stalowa Wola are already booked another three squadrons. “For 2,024 years the Polish Army is in possession of five squadrons of this equipment, one of the most modern in this area, equipment that is proven, which actually deters potential aggressors,” – said the Minister of Defense narodowej.zobacz also Stoltenberg in the “WSJ”: NATO will build Powidz storage equipment for US troops in the region “the unions are protesting. Increases for Defense civilian employees less than the promised “As Defense Ministry informed, 5. Lebus Artillery Regiment was sent 8 units of 155 mm self-propelled howitzers (SH) crab, 1 car Maj Command and commander of Squadron 155 mm artillery SH crab, 3 cars commander commander battery / 155 mm artillery plutonium SH crab, two cars ammunition, weaponry repair workshop 1 and electronics. As pointed out by Ministry of Defense, armatohaubica crab is currently the most powerful cannon, which have a Polish artillery. Weighing more than fifty tons of Self-armatohaubica is able to shoot at a distance of about 40 km to 6 rounds per minute. “It is the realization of the adopted and approved the modernization of the Polish army. The strength of the potential speaks for itself, caliber, amount of equipment and training. Today, three artillery regiments, which we have diversified equipment and this equipment is used. Crabs will replace the older equipment, which will be coming out of the formation of military units. This is a new quality and a significant strengthening of potential “- said the General Commander of the Armed Forces Types gen. Jaroslaw Mika. The celebration of the equipment is connected with the awarding of a replica of the standard 9. Heavy Artillery Regiment, whose tradition inherits 2. self-propelled artillery regiment of Sulechów. Banner funded public Pyzdry town in Wielkopolska, and the regiment commander handed it to the mayor of the municipality. “It’s actually very symbolic moment. The combination of tradition and modernity. Just before the soldiers took banner funded by the local community. Banner, which has always been, is and will constitute a source of pride, a sign of honor, fidelity, historical tradition and a sign of bravery. Moments later, soldiers of the 5th Artillery Regiment received the symbolic keys to the armatohaubic crab, and so the Polish defense industry products, modern equipment, equipment that belongs to the best in this field in the world. Equipment, which is a clear strengthening of the capacity of the Polish Army “- said Błaszczak. At the end of the ceremony was a show of dynamic self-propelled rocket launcher Crawfish and Crab. Defense Minister also inspected other equipment which have sulechowscy gunners. 5. Ultimately Lubuski Artillery regiment forming part 12. Mechanized Division Szczecin module receives a fire, which will be composed of 24 self-propelled howitzers crab 18 and command vehicles and logistics, including 2-propelled Command and staffs, 9 commanding the cars 6 ammunition and car repair weapons and electronics. Armatohaubice propelled Crawler crab are already equipped Artillery Regiment 11. Mazury in Węgorzewo. Another unit of the regiment of Sulechów, which most likely will go to the self-propelled guns 23. Silesian regiment will Artillery Bolesławcu which is an armor unit division Żagania. Crab is produced Huta Stalowa Wola, belonging to Polish Armament Group, using a foreign license. A contract worth more than 4.5 billion zł for the supply of four modules HSW Regina Armament Inspectorate and Ministry of Defense signed in December 2016. Including squadron deployment of military przedseryjnej production is expected to receive 120 guns and accompanying cars. The first module was delivered to the Army in 2017. Gawkowski asked in a radio Jedynka, who will be the presidential candidate of the Left, he said that it is yet to be determined. “It’s still ahead of us, I must say that no one will be in a hurry. It is not that the Left needs. Musiku Na + +, this is the Civic Platform” – he stressed. Attention that this issue who previously candidate can count on a better result, as everyone knows, and so can the Left does not yet have an agreed candidate, Gawkowski denied. “Agreed candidates, we have at least three, and certainly of the three choose” – zadeklarował.Pytany, whether they are: Vladimir Czarzasty Robert Biedroń Adrian Zandberg, the politician said: “Among them is certainly Robert Biedroń, because he was one of the leaders of leftist organizations agreements “.Odnosząc to the term, when the Left intends to announce its candidate, the Left politician said:” We want to do it at the turn of December and January, “.Gawkowski reminded that on Tuesday” managed to select “Gabriela Moravian-Stanecka Deputy Speaker of the Senate and the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Czarzastego. “We have presented a private members club a few days ago, now we will present legislative plan, and then announce the presidential candidate, or a candidate for president” – zapowiedział.Przyznał that he would like to see in the presidential election started Biedroń, but – as pointed out – “it is not is a decision that has already been taken. ” “If Robert will race Biedroń, I’ll be glad if it will be a different person, these I worked hard,” – he assured. The first gathering was to be held on the highway: Castle Square, Krakow suburb, ul. Holy Cross, with the end of the street. Clear, and in the application organizer pointed out 10 000 participants. Proposed by the Office of Security and Emergency Management changing the place of the meeting has not been accepted by the organizer. In the second case, the organizers wanted to carry out the assembly of stationary pl. Castle. How handed PAP Dabrowa, organizers of both events are individuals belonging to the national community. The decision to ban the city authorities to carry out assembly argue occupation of land by the Chancellery of the President, that the pl. Castle organizes celebrations of May 3. Therefore, from April 30 on the square will be built grandstands and platforms. “For them to be used in the construction of the heavy equipment and machinery. Organizer of state ceremonies received in this regard the approval of the Board of Public Areas on land use,” – explains the city. “In the opinion of the City of work en. Castle with the use of heavy equipment and the fact that its surface is now used partly by pavement cafés, a room on the square reported number of 10 000 participants is not possible” – indicates the town hall. Metropolitan Authority also notes that on 1 May at the Royal Palace will be organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister meeting of heads of governments of the European Union – in addition to the Polish Prime Minister will be present leaders of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary. “This event may also affect the possibility of limiting the availability of the State Protection Service to the Royal Castle from the uk. Castle” – explains the city. (PAP) Metropolitan Curia reported that such conditions, the civil law agreements, which provided for a monthly notice period, “they have been accepted by the parties and were never challenged.” “In the light of existing agreements, each party could, without specifying justification, complete cooperation for the month notice period. Archdiocese of Krakow intends to exercise this right and terminate the relationship with the existing press office keeping all the rights enjoyed under signed agreements,” – noted. Curia did not disclose, what are the reasons for such decisions, or who will replace the existing staff. On Friday, hitherto head of the press office, Joanna Adamik in a farewell email circulated to the media wrote that on Thursday workers office received from the treasurer of the diocese “completely surprising to them information that the decision of Archbishop Mark Jędraszewskiego, Metropolitan of Krakow, on October 1, our whole team of five press office of exit “and a new one created. “We do not know the reasons for this decision, one we have not introduced any substantive comments on the quality of our work” – noted Adamik. She emphasized that repeatedly asked, also in writing, the streamlining of communication between the office and the supervisor. “When I did not receive a reply, I gave at the disposal of the Rector. The decision to dismiss Archbishop respect the whole team has the right to do, even though we do not understand its causes, and the form of the transfer is very painful,” – wrote Adamik She recalled that the team consisted of five women with dependent children “that with dedication, conviction and all the skills that we have, and which nabyłyśmy by this time, tried to serve the Church of Krakow and universal.” “It was difficult, but beautiful time of challenges, learning, testing and faith that our work without time limit, without limitation, in spite of illness, holidays, parting with loved ones makes sense, it is useful to you, we need people useful to the Church and pleasing to God “- stressed Adamik. The President thanked the team for more than two years of working together, praise, words of support, gratitude, patience and understanding that not everything depended on them and asked for prayer. “Great people express gratitude to the consecrated life Archdiocese of Krakow and in all places in Poland and abroad, who have a big heart and kindness support our work” – she pointed out. Barnier took part in the European Commission College, where he presented the commissioners on the state of negotiations brexitu. The content of the conference then recounted Commissioner. Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos. Barnier gave the college that the negotiations at the technical level lasted all night and are still ongoing. “The talks are constructive, but still remain significant problems that need to be addressed,” – said the Commissioner, reporting on what Commissioners passed negotiator. Talks negotiators, according to diplomats who entered a decisive phase, to be continued so that on Wednesday the ambassadors of the 27 Member States can pre-approve the text. Part of diplomats doubt, if we can work out the porozumienie.zobacz Johnson provides Macron about wanting to reach an agreement on brexitu »Queen Elizabeth II presents the government’s plans. The priority brexit »” The situation is so complicated that it is currently difficult stwardzić what might happen. All movements are now in the UK, “- said one of the EU diplomats to journalists on Wednesday in Brussels. Theoretically EU summit, which starts on Thursday, should approve the agreement if it will be achieved. Among the diplomats already underway, however, speculation that the next week would be needed next meeting of Heads of State and Government of the EU. What is certain is that at the top will not be negotiating the final version of the legal agreement that would possibly previously approved at the level of ambassadors. We are pleased to welcome you for the second time in a row to talk about France, about our reforms, and about your current and future investment plans – Macron said at the start of the meeting under the slogan “Choose France”, which was held for the second time. “This year, I would suggest a broader discussion involving more representatives of French companies and the wider panel of foreign participants.